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The Corporate Sustainability Practitioner Competency Framework is a collaboration between Bursa Malaysia and the UN Global Compact Network Malaysia & Brunei. The competency framework serves as an aspirational reference to guide practitioners on the skills and competencies required to navigate the corporate sustainability ecosystem and drive sustainable outcomes.

What is it?

The competency framework defines competencies across three levels of positions in the organisation. Through this competency framework, we aim to support credential building and learning for corporate sustainability practitioners in Malaysia to serve as change agents for a responsible and successful business. The competency framework serves to define aspirational roles to operationalise sustainability within an organisation across all sectors and industries. There is no one-size fits all sustainability structure and we do not express a preference for a specific job function or title to drive the corporate sustainability agenda. This is not Bursa Malaysia’s recommended practice for sustainability governance structure. Companies can choose to implement a sustainability function that best fits their operating environment and DNA and to demonstrate a strong tone at the top.

Which Positions Are Covered?

Executive Position

Sustainability Executive

Middle Management

Sustainability Manager

Senior Management

Chief Sustainability Officer

What Are The Competencies?

Job Purpose
Chief Sustainability Officer
Inspire and Lead
Sustainability Manager
Engineer and Manage
Sustainability Executive
Execute and Coordinate
Number of Competencies & Sub-Competencies
7 & 46
7 & 41
7 & 38
  • Envision, Drive and Enhance Sustainability Value For All Stakeholders
  • Govern and Deliver Sustainability Department Performance
  • Inspire and Drive the Organisation Sustainability Culture
  • Secure and Optimise Resources for the Organisation
  • Establish Networking and Partnerships at Organisation Level
  • Plan, Implement and Deliver Sustainability Programmes for all Stakeholders
  • Manage and Support Sustainability Department Performance
  • Manage and Strengthen the Organisation Sustainability Culture
  • Secure and Manage Resources for the Organisation
  • Support Organisation Level Networking and Partnerships
  • Execute Sustainability Programmes For All Stakeholders
  • Execute and Report Sustainability Department Performance
  • Advocate the Organisation Sustainability Culture
  • Contribute As A Critical Resource
  • Support Networking and Partnerships

6. Earn Organisation and Stakeholder Trust Through Personal Mastery

7. Possess Knowledge and Comprehension of Corporate Sustainability Fundamentals

How can you use it?

Leverage the competencies to drive sustainability strategies and performance outcomes.

Identify talent to drive sustainability-related functions through a structured approach
Develop structured talent development programme to enhance knowledge and skillsets of professionals in your organisation
Leverage the competencies to be more effective in undertaking sustainability-related roles and tasks
Use the digital self-assessment tool to identify areas for improvement. You may find articles, online training courses, webinars etc. that can help to enrich your knowledge and skills in corporate sustainability
Develop multi-year learning plans to improve knowledge and skills as you progress in this career

The CSP Competency Framework will be periodically enhanced to reflect changing business needs, new approaches to learning and development, emerging best practices and stakeholder expectations. We are constantly exploring new ways to enhance the competency framework. Please tell us your views and feedback by emailing [email protected].

Download the full Corporate Sustainability Practitioner Competency Framework

About The Digital Self-Assessment Tool:

The Digital Self-Assessment Tool can help you to identify your capacity building needs and provides recommended learning materials to enhance your knowledge and skills to undertake sustainability-related job functions.

How to Use the Digital Tool?

Choose between three levels: Chief Sustainability Officer, Manager and Executive
Undertake a self-assessment for each sub-competency based on five levels derived from Bloom's Taxonomy
When your score is below the set threshold, a recommended learning intervention will be provided

Level 01


Level 02


Level 03


Level 04


Level 05


Explore recommended learning interventions to enhance your knowledge and skills