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Why Board Diversity Matters

Corporate Governance

Why Board Diversity Matters

  • Why Board Diversity Matters Why is a diverse board a more effective one? Join opinion leaders Sunita Rajakumar and Johan Raslan, as they share their perspectives on why a diverse board can make a real positive impact on business performance.
  • Date: Feb 07, 2018
  • Category: Corporate Governance

About this Webcast:

Board diversity has been a topic of growing interest within companies today. The strive for board diversity aims to cultivate a broad spectrum of demographic, attributes and characteristics in the boardroom, and factors such as age, race, gender, educational background and professional qualifications of the directors can bring a broad and deep range of insights and knowledge. A diverse board also helps sharpen competitiveness, and identify potential risks and opportunities in a fast-changing business world.

This webcast welcomes two guest speakers well-known for their push toward greater gender diversity in particular on boards in Malaysian companies. The full 40-minute webcast is conducted in a Q & A format which has been divided into three segments to cover specific topics relating to Board Diversity.

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