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ESG Risk Identification and Materiality


ESG Risk Identification and Materiality

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  • 06 Sep 2022 02:00 PM
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  • 06 Sep 2022 06:15 PM
ESG Risk Identification and Materiality Sustainability
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Materiality and the materiality assessment process are considered vital for helping companies effectively identify, manage, and report on significant ESG risks and opportunities. Materiality is about being more concise and tightening the focus on what is important to the business and stakeholders. By taking into account different stakeholder perspectives, and identifying material issues, companies will limit their reporting to criteria that help readers understand what could positively or negatively influence the organisation's capacity to deliver on its strategy and serve its stakeholders. This session will equip you with a sound understanding of the materiality assessment process as a necessary foundation of sustainability reporting and a valuable enterprise strategic tool.

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