Asian cities are switching to electric vehicles in a drive to tackle worsening


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  • 06 Sep 2019
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Asian Cities Turn to Electric Vehicles in Anti-pollution Drive

Asian cities are switching to electric vehicles in a bid to tackle worsening air quality, cut climate changing emissions and expand their public transport networks. Transport is the fastest-growing source of climate-warming greenhouse gases, with most projected increases expected to come from developing Asia by 2030. An air quality report by environment activist group Greenpeace stated the majority of the world’s top 100 polluted cities are in Asia. Only seven Asian countries have transport emission reduction targets under the Paris Agreement on climate change, but many cities in the region are now taking action. Authorities are now taking action that not only lowers emissions, but also reduce congestion and improve air quality. Examples include transitioning the 16,000 bus fleet in Shenzen, China and converting Bangkok’s canal ferries from diesel engines to electric. Cities are also adding infrastructure for walking and cycling, which are key to improved liveability. However, these changes require extensive planning, charging networks and a lot of financial input so poorer countries and regions are not involved.

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