Be pragmatic, demand competence first in governance


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  • 20 Aug 2021
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Be pragmatic, demand competence first in governance

Parliamentary systems often become the fulcrum of political machinations and manoeuvring, as they give a higher degree of autonomy to political parties and members of parliament to navigate and change the political course of a nation. This means a high degree of potential political instability that can manifest itself in frequent changes in the government. The opposite can be said of the presidential model, where stability is supposed to prevail even if such a system has safeguards to balance the powers vested in the president. It is well known for its political instability, but even though maintaining the same prime minister for a longer period of time would help resuscitate a country often described as "paralysed", the actual reality is more complex. Regardless of the prime minister in charge, the core policies based on the national interest are always maintained and brought forward.

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