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Germany Enshrines 80% Renewable Electricity Target into Law


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  • 14 Jul 2022
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Germany Enshrines 80% Renewable Electricity Target into Law

Marking the country’s largest energy policy amendments in decades, Germany’s Federal Council has passed a series of amendments approving a major increase in renewable energy development over the next several years, including a target for renewables to meet 80% of electricity demand in the country by 2030. The legislation forms a major part of the new German government’s clean energy strategy, which aims to boost the country’s efforts to address climate change, accelerating Germany’s phase-out of coal by several years and transitioning to an economy powered largely by renewable energy to reach a 2045 climate neutrality target. The package includes plans for onshore wind power to increase by 10 GW per year, reaching 115 GW of capacity by 2030, solar to more than double to 215 GW by 2030, with 22 GW to be added per year, as well as for offshore wind to grow to 30 GW by 2030, 40 GW by 2035, and 70 GW by 2045. Additionally, by 2032 at the latest, 2% of Germany’s land area will be set aside for onshore wind power, under the new package.

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