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  • 02 Apr 2020
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H&M Reaches Clothing Take-back Target Early, Collecting 29,000 Tonnes of Used Garments

The clothing H&M Group collected more than 29,000 tonnes of used clothing though its in-store network of take-back points last year, representing a 40% year-on-year increase in clothing taken back. The achievement surpasses the company’s 2020 goal to collect at least 25,000 tonnes a year ahead of schedule. The milestone comes four years after the firm first began collecting garments. The take-back service was first introduced in selected H&M stores, before being rolled out across the brand and, more recently, across several of the Group’s other brands such as ARKET. Around 50-60% of the clothing deposited is reused – either sold via resale platforms or given to charity partners for resale. Between 3% and 7% of the clothing collected by H&M Group is destroyed. The firm claims it sends no textiles to landfill, instead incinerating them for energy recovery. H&M Group’s garment take-back scheme forms part of its pledge to become a “fully circular” business by 2030.

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