Malaysia recently opened its new 3S Centre which is certified by Green Building Index


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  • 06 Aug 2019
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Honda Opens Malaysia’s First ‘green’ 3S Centre

Malaysia recently opened its new 3S Centre by Ban Hoe Seng (Auto) Sdn Bhd in Ipoh, which is certified by Green Building Index (GBI), making it the first car showroom in Malaysia to be awarded with such certification. The GBI is a “green rating tool” for buildings that is recognised by the industry in Malaysia, aimed at raising awareness on environmental issues and promoting sustainability in the built environment. Honda has continuously emphasised its commitment to reducing its environmental impact in all areas of its operations and Ban Hoe Seng (Auto) has taken the initiative to be the first dealership in Malaysia to extend this green technology into its showroom and service centre. The new 3S Centre is specially designed with environmentally friendly features, which will help in waste minimisation, energy saving and reduce water usage. The Centre complies with the criterion of the GBI rating system, which was based on the design assessment of the building in terms of Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environment Quality, Materials and Resources, Sustainable Site Planning and Management, Water Efficiency and Innovation.

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