MPOB develops environmentally friendly palm-based polyol


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  • 05 Jan 2022
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MPOB develops environmentally friendly palm-based polyol

Malaysian Palm Oil Board’s (MPOB) researchers have established more than 10 new types of palm-based polyols for application in polymers, specifically polyurethanes which are environmentally friendly. In a statement on the 31st December, MPOB said the developed palm-based polyols are such as the pioneer series or palm olein-based polyols, fatty acid-based polyol, used cooking oil-based polyol, PolyFAME series or fatty acid methyl ester-based polyols, acrylated epoxidized palm oil polyol and co-polymers polyol. To enhance research on polyol, MPOB has invested RM2 million for the establishment of three pilot plants with the capacities of 150 litres, 500 litres and 1,000 litres to produce palm-based polyols.

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