Japanese car-maker Nissan has described Carlos Ghosn’s


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  • 07 Jan 2020
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Nissan Vows to Hold Former Chairman Accountable for ‘Serious Misconduct’

Japanese car-maker Nissan has described Carlos Ghosn’s escape from Japan as “extremely regrettable” and vowed to pursue legal action against its former chairman over his “serious misconduct”. In its first public comment since Ghosn skipped bail and fled Japan to Lebanon last week, Nissan said its “robust, thorough internal investigation” had “incontrovertible evidence of various acts of misconduct”. Nissan said in its statement its internal investigation had determined that Ghosn, who rescued the firm from near-bankruptcy 20 years ago, “was not fit to serve as an executive”. However, Ghosn claims he had been the victim of a “coup” by former colleagues opposed to his plans to deepen the alliance between Nissan and the French carmaker Renault. Ghosn has stated that he had fled months before he was due to stand trial on financial misconduct charges, because he did not expect to receive a fair trial under Japan’s “rigged” justice system.

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