According to a report by the Global Commission on Adaptation


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  • 10 Sep 2019
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World “gravely” Unprepared for Effects of Climate Crisis – Report

The world’s readiness for the inevitable effects of the climate crisis is “gravely insufficient”, according to a report by the Global Commission on Adaptation, with contributions from Ban Ki-moon, Bill Gates and heads of global climate and environment divisions. According to the report, this lack of preparedness will result in poverty, water shortages and levels of migration soaring. It makes calls for a trillion-dollar investment to avert “climate apartheid”, in which the impacts of climate change are felt most greatly by the poorest in society. The cost of this investment would be far smaller than the eventual cost of doing nothing in the face of climate change, according to the report. The study goes further to state that the size of the investment may not be the greatest obstacle, but rather political leadership. Among the most urgent actions recommended are early-warning systems of impending disasters, developing crops that can withstand droughts and restoring mangrove swamps to protect coastlines, while other measures include painting roofs of homes white to reduce heatwave temperatures.

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