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  • 05 Mar 2019 12:00 AM
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4 Trends That Will Shape Sustainability in Asia by 2030

"UK-based sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future has unveiled four trends that will affect Asia’s ability to curb global warming and create a sustainable economy, in its latest report 'The Future of Sustainability 2019'. Asia’s rising consumerism tops the list, followed by the anti-plastics movement, the decline in biodiversity, and the rapid growth of internet use in the region. The four trends are:

  1. Consumerism in Asia: By 2030, Asia could account for more than half of the world’s middle-class consumption. Also, there is the rise of conscious consumerism and the sharing economy.
  2. The plastics kickback: While Asia grapples with a growing throwaway culture, businesses are implementing measures to curb plastic pollution.
  3. Biodiversity in freefall: Nearly 25 per cent of native species threatened and six of the world’s 25 biologically rich areas found in Southeast Asia are already endangered. Urgent action is required to sustain the equilibrium of biodiversity.
  4. The onlife: Southeast Asia has more than 370 million internet users, with double-digit growth in most countries. Issues surround this include the carbon footprint of internet use, hyperconnectivity leading to greater transparency and opportunity to mobilise around the issues people care about, internet/gaming addictions, and the spread of fake news."

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