Changes to law mean cigarette packaging cannot have logos, colours, images

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  • 12 Feb 2019 12:00 AM
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Cigarettes in Singapore to be Sold in Standard Plain Packaging with Bigger Health Warnings

Cigarette packs sold in Singapore will have standardised plain packaging with bigger health warnings. With new rules passed in Parliament, logos, colours, images or other promotional information associated with the tobacco brand will also not be allowed to be shown on cigarette packaging. As for product and brand names, they will only be allowed in a standardised font style and colour. The minimum size of graphic health warnings depicting the ill effects of smoking like gum disease will also be increased to 75 per cent of the packaging surface, up from 50 per cent. The changes aim to discourage non-smokers from picking up the habit, urge existing smokers to quit and encourage Singaporeans to adopt a tobacco-free lifestyle, said Senior Minister of State for Health Edwin Tong. He also cited the success of anti-smoking measures - including the introduction of standardised packaging - taken in other countries like Australia and France.

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