How China Became a Global Leader in Green Finance

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  • 09 Apr 2018 12:00 AM
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How China Became a Global Leader in Green Finance

Dr Ma Jun is a session keynote speaker at the upcoming Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition (MIECF) to be held from April 12 to 14 in Macao talks about China’s financial sectors leading position in the world of green finance. His role as keynote speaker is quite fitting as Dr Ma is often credited as the driving force behind China’s green finance success.

Green finance and sustainable development have been gaining traction in China over the past three years and increasingly, many European countries and the US are looking for cues on green investment from China. It is interesting to see that economic and financial dialogue between China-UK and China-France has started and the Bank of England is collaborating with China to develop green finance instruments.

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