Malaysia the safest in SEA for online ads

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  • 04 May 2018 12:00 AM
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Malaysia the Safest in SEA for Online Ads

Malaysia has the best online advertisement viewability and highest brand safety rating in the region, edging out neighbouring Singapore, according to findings by analytics company Integral Ad Science. The company’s South-East Asian, Hong Kong, and Taiwan Media Quality reports found that Malaysia has the highest advertisement viewability rate at 68.7% compared to SEA (58.9%) and global average (55.8%) Data showed Malaysia’s online environment was also the safest in the region for displaying ads, with only 2.2% of online ad impressions flagged for being featured alongside content that was risky to brand safety. Impressions are flagged for appearing alongside adult content, alcohol content, hate speech, illegal downloads, illegal drugs, offensive language and violence, says IAS Southeast Asia managing director Niall Hogan. According to the report global brand risk has been on the rise since the first half of 2017, largely driven by headlines around topics such as violence and hate speech.

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