Over 1,000 Female Aid Workers Urge Reform in Open Letter

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  • 08 Mar 2018 12:00 AM
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Over 1,000 Female Aid Workers Urge Reform in Open Letter

More than a thousand female aid workers from around the world have signed an open letter calling for urgent reform across the humanitarian sector, including better support for women who report sexual misconduct. The letter, addressed to the leaders of international charities, the UN and donors, urges organisations to treat allegations of sexual harassment and abuse as a priority. The aid sector is currently reeling from allegations that charities, including Oxfam and Save the Children, and the UN mishandled claims of sexual misconduct.

The letter warns of the need for action rather than words. “We are gravely concerned that the culture of silence, intimidation and abuse will continue as soon as the media spotlight on this issue begins to dim,” said the signatories. The letter’s supporters acknowledged that, while they had focused on violence against women, men and boys also experience sexual harassment and exploitation.

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