Singapore has emerged as one of the most sustainable investment

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  • 13 Jun 2019 12:00 AM
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Singapore Emerges as One of the Most Sustainable Investment Markets Globally

Singapore has emerged as one of the most sustainable investment markets in the world, according to research by asset management company, Schroders. However, other ASEAN countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, were among the least sustainable markets, with companies in these countries having the most negative social and environmental impacts. The research looked at 9,000 companies and ranked the world’s main stock markets according to their overall impact on society, putting a dollar value on their social and environmental impacts. Analysts at Schroders said that companies which face the greatest social and regulatory pressures from governments and regulators tended to deliver the biggest social benefits. According to industry, companies in the water, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals sectors provide the greatest social benefits, whereas gambling companies created the biggest social costs, relative to their importance in stock markets. Andrew Howard, head of sustainable research at Schroders said it is important that investors take into account the social impacts of companies and portfolios instead of relying completely on financial measures.

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