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Sustainability Reporting Guide

  • Sustainability Reporting Guide Bursa Malaysia has developed a Sustainability Reporting Guide (the “Guide”). It is aimed at assisting listed issuers in improving their sustainability-related disclosures to meet the evolving information needs of various stakeholders (e.g. investors, customers, regulators). To download a copy of this guide, please click here.
  • Date: Feb 22, 2018

It is designed to provide listed issuers with information on, among others:

  1. Why sustainability is important and how it makes good business sense.
  2. How to embed sustainability into organisations using basic principles including: Materiality; stakeholder engagement and robust reporting of sustainability performance.
  3. Detailed guidance on how to report in accordance with sustainability-related Listing Requirements, including example disclosures and good practice recommendations.
  4. Selecting themes and indicators for disclosure, based on the listed issuer’s material sustainability matters.
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