Materiality: How to Identify the Sustainability Issues that Matter


Materiality: How to Identify the Sustainability Issues that Matter

  • Materiality: How to Identify the Sustainability Issues that Matter A webcast on materiality; why it matters, and tips on designing an effective materiality assessment.
  • Date: Mar 02, 2018
  • Category: Sustainability

UN Global Compact (UNGC) Malaysia, with the support of Sarawak Energy, has launched a microsite with a series of toolkits aimed at helping companies improve their understanding and adoption of sustainability practices. The microsite hosts a list of toolkits which are useful for PLCs looking to get started on their sustainability journey, from strengthening their understanding of materiality or aligning their sustainability strategy with the SDGs.

The toolkits are categorised under 4 areas:

  1. Mission (M): Set your sustainable aspirations
  2. Activity (A): Select activities that create impact
  3. Justify (J): Keep track of sustainability performance
  4. Upgrade (U): Innovate to raise your game

Some of the useful toolkits include:

Guide to Materiality - A Simplified Approach to Understanding What Matters Most to Everyone

An introduction to materiality – what it is and what its benefits are – followed by a simple step-by-step approach to help organisations conduct a materiality assessment.

Responsible Certifications Map

A guide to help companies get to know and understand the list of sustainability certifications out there and how to choose the right certifications.

SDG Alignment Tool

A tool to help companies pick the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) most relevant to them, by considering how business activities lead to risks and opportunities which impact the SDGs.

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