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Take the Sustainability Healthcheck


Take the Sustainability Healthcheck

  • Take the Sustainability Healthcheck Presented by Bursa Malaysia, this free self-assessment tool is designed to help listed companies ‘diagnose’ where they are on their sustainability journey. It consists of 10 questions and should take no longer than 30 min to complete
  • Date: Mar 10, 2020
  • Category: Sustainability
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What is it?

The Sustainability Healthcheck is a free self-assessment tool designed to help listed companies ‘diagnose’ where they are on their sustainability journey. It is presented by Bursa Malaysia as part of our commitment to help listed companies embed sustainability into their governance, management and reporting systems, in order to future-proof their business and to enhance overall business resilience.

Why take it?

The Sustainability Healthcheck helps companies to understand how well they are managing and reporting on their material economic, environmental and social (EES) risks and opportunities. It also provides guidance on how they can improve and close any gaps in their approach.

How does it work?

Taking no longer than 30 minutes, the Sustainability Healthcheck consists of 10 questions covering selected broad areas such as sustainability governance and management, managing material sustainability matters and sustainability reporting

Who should take it?

All companies listed on Bursa Malaysia’s Main and ACE Markets. Companies on the LEAP Market and other non-listed companies may also take it to build their own understanding of sustainability

What will companies receive at the end?

After completing the Sustainability Healthcheck, each company will receive an individualised Feedback Report which includes:
1. A summary of their results to understand their strengths and areas for improvement with regards to their current approach to sustainability.
2. Recommendations and resources to help them close any gaps, referencing relevant sections of Bursa Malaysia's Sustainability Reporting Guide and Sustainability Toolkits, as well as relevant content available on BURSASUSTAIN.

Please note:
- Data collected from this Sustainability Healthcheck will be kept strictly confidential and will not be published in the public domain in any form. In line with Bursa Malaysia's efforts to improve the standard of sustainability practices and disclosures by Malaysian PLCs, the data collected may be used for internal research purposes, as well as to guide its advocacy and education initiatives.
- The Sustainability Healthcheck is designed to be a self-assessment tool for learning purposes. Therefore, the results in the Feedback Report does not reflect Bursa Malaysia's opinions on the company's sustainability practices and disclosures, nor represents Bursa Malaysia's review of the company's adherence to any sustainability-related Listing Requirements.

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Corporate Citizenship for Bursa Malaysia

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StratAgile for Bursa Malaysia

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